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It’s time to show off my music collection, but it’s better to make some things clear:

Not all entries are “originals”.

    • Most of the entries are LP’s (which will remain forever the only “true” originals. Long live vinyl!!).
    • A very large  – and still growing – part of the items is represented by CD’s (sometimes doubled-up with the original LP, sometimes not)
    • A few digitized and re-mastered copies of old-fashioned tape reels (from a glorious and by now sadly deceased Revox B-77)
    • A couple of crates worth of digitized and re-mastered cassette tapes (dubbed on a splendid antique Nakamichi 600 first, which was eventually retired and followed by a Nakamichi BX-2 deck, using top-notch SONY audio software and a lousy operator: me, obviously)

The tapes entries will appear on these lists only when I have digitally re-mastered the whole tape successfully to CD. However, some might be lost forever, when the restoration process appears to be close to useless.

Moreover, I may be the owner of the complete musical production of,  say, The Rolling Stones. However, you will see listed only those records that I have already digitalized and re-mastered, so these list pages are a continuous “work in progress”.

For the 7″ (45 rpm) entries, I used different criteria: since most of those singles did not have an “album title”, I entered the titles of the tracks instead.

This was also true for some of the 12″ (both 45 rpm and 33⅓ rpm) where no “title” was available.

In all those cases, an asterisk (*) will mark the entry.

In each pseudo-alphabetical list, click on the name of the Band/Artist to expand and visualize the records list.

The list is not exactly in alphabetical order.

Nonetheless, I did some kind of grouping, depending on the first letter of the artist’s or band’s name, which means: don’t expect to find Alan Stivell at the letter S. He’s under the A, just as The Allman Brothers Band is under the T, not the A (or the B, for that matters).

Maybe one day I’ll order the entries in a “real” alphabetical order.

… Then again, maybe not.