‘m not a nerd pur-sang. I actually started as a Dreamer, then an Observer and a Scholar, then Biologist and Photographer, later on Carpenter, Refurbishment Technician, then Payroll clerk, CAD draughtsman, Quality Control-man, ICT Support Engineer and finally Operations Manager.

That is to say that I’m not entirely fond of modern technology, especially the kind that tends to bypass or even eliminate direct human interaction.

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cronyms… What would the average John Nerd do without them?

For those who have no idea what the word “acronym” means, here’s what we’re going to talk about:

A word (as NATO, radar, or laser) which is formed from the initial letter (or letters) of each of the successive parts (or major parts) of a compound term.

Even some very common words that we daily see and use are in fact not real words, but acronyms.

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It’s Coming!


his morning, a little after 06.30, I was walking to take the car out of the garage and drive to my work when I suddenly heard the first Blackbird singing.

The moon was full and bright, the sky alight with its incredibly strong reflection.

The air was crisp (1°C, at roughly 52.3667° N, 4.9000° E) and the silence complete, while this Blackbird was whistling his first song of the season.

The phrases were incomplete, but whistled with conviction, so I immediately knew: spring is coming!

Dumb & Dumber


was having a strangely calm moment at the office (it happens only once or twice a year, so better savor it) and therefore I was taking the chance to look for some nice quotes about technology on the Net (like the ones you can read in the sidebar widget on this site).

One of the best I found was by Georgie-Porgie Bush and under it, I found the following Tags: dumb“, “technology.

By the way, I was reading the technology-related quotes on this website.

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