Stormy Weather


ow! A pyrotechnical show is going on all over the Low Lands.

The long promised storm is coming this way. It’s fascinating but also rather terrifying.
The Dutch are not used to see this.
We’re not in Tornado Alley… we’re not in the Caribbean… this is not India and there is no  Monsoon season in Europe.

Nevertheless, the horizon is set ablaze by dozens of lightnings, while the thunder is rolling almost continuously from horizon to horizon.

Getting scary, actually.

I once have seen lightning strike just 30 meters from where I was standing and I can still remember I almost wet myself and jumped at least 20 cm into the air with a racing heart and the immediate comprehension that we cannot hide form nature and when it decides to strike, we are just at its mercy, no matter how technologically and culturally advanced the human race may be.

But this time I’m not in the open, I have a nice book besides me (the first volume of Ken Follet’s Century Trilogy), a good cuppa and my wife.

So come on, storm… just do your job and move over.

9-10-2011 22-33-25

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