Brushing off the rust


‘ve not listened to new music for years.
My great passion is my collection of 3000 (give or take) records from the 60-70-80 era.

Rock, Canterbury, Reiterative, Minimal music, Symphonic Rock, Progressive, Pshychedelic, West Coats, the first Punk and New Wave, never forget Jazz and Classic… that’s what I love.

I have no understanding for all the modern forms of musical degeneration and its descendants like hip-hop, rap and whatnot. They may have their merit, but I just don’t like them a single bit.

That’s why I’m not listening much to “new” music.

But just every now and then, there’s still something that catches the ear and makes me go back and listen to what it’s on the radio or to that one Internet clip I happen to stumble upon.

This is the case of Israel Nash Gripka…

Not the easiest name to remember, but with a certain promise of honest vibes.

I must confess I have never heard his name in Europe yet and just read his name on the back of a Dutch TV Guide I was paging through during a very boring Sunday afternoon.

Someone was writing about this guy and saying that he had been very pleasantly surprised about the quality of Gripka’s musical achievements as musician and songwriter.

Of course, I had to see/hear for myself… but he was right!

The sound is fresh, reminiscent of big names like Dylan, CSNY, Springsteen and still remaining quite original and unique. I’m going to order his last CD “Barn Doors & Concrete Floors”.


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