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eah, I know, the title doesn’t make much sense…
Nevertheless, today I have introduced my wife to the mysteries of blogging; I actually set up a new blog for her (a WordPress© one, of course).

Her official web-site (she’s a registered Hypnotherapist) had become too static for her career development and she was seeking a way to increase the interchange of ideas, “tips & tricks” and so on with her patients/clients.

That was when I suggested her to use a more dynamic website type, annex blog.

As a totally guaranteed digital-illiterate, she had naturally no idea what I was talking about, but I have convinced her that a blog is not something used exclusively by teenage cheerleaders to pester their co-cheerleaders or exchange swooning prose about the idol of the moment.

Once again, WordPress© demonstrated to be the easy application it always claims to be. The most time-consuming affair has been to get a new MySQL 5.1 database installed on her hosted server, because its dashboard can only install MySQL 4.x databases automatically.

Fortunately, the hosting provider’s help-desk was more than capable to create a new 5.1 DB on their end, secure it and pass its credentials back to me in less than 1 hour, so there I was, with a blogging wife ready to go…

She thinks I’m quite something, wizzo material and the likes… well, I’ll leave her in that assumption.

The truth is much less glamorous: I just happen to read instructions (better summarized as “RTFM“).

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