The F… word


‘m a rather liberal user of the F… word, in contrast to the use of blasphemy.

I’m inclined to consider myself an agnostic, so why would I curse something I can’t prove or disprove to exist (and if it exists why would it/he/she bother to interact with us…)?

On the other hand, I believe in human interactions, and being the F… word the perfect example of the most intimate human interaction, I feel its use can be accepted or at least tolerated when used with parsimony and a bit of class.

Today I have revised my predilection for the use of this word about such intimate human interaction, and I have started to use the C… word (no, not that one; just read further).

Today, the Company I work for has started to migrate all its mail users to “The Cloud”, so from today the F… and C… words will be considered interchangeable, if not synonyms, at least curse-wise.

What the hell do we need the C…-ing Cloud for? It’s slower, less safe, even less user-friendly and allows Big Brother (U.S.) to put his dirty hands on our affairs with the greatest ease.

And thinking that they encourage you also to put your “Personal” folder on the Cloud, Yeah, right! Please shoot me in the back with my own gun…

Nope, this affair stinks to high heavens (where clouds usually are) and I would like to see a Global Cloud Boycott Day come into existence.
I would be one of its most fervent celebrators.

So, from today onward it’s not anymore: “F… the f…-ing Cloud”.

No sir. The new curse will be: “C… the C…-ing Cloud”.


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