Christmas Flight security


o worries, I’m not going to waste one single word about Airport security, long queues and all the good stuff connected to traveling during the Christmas Holidays…

Everyone is already fed up with that – and we aren’t even 5 days from it.

This is about flying as a generic method of transportation.

Let’s for a second assume that I like flying (if it’s shorter than 2 or 3 hours, then it’s a “Fine with me”. Above that it’s a definite “No way!!!”) and let’s also assume that flying is the safest way to travel (perhaps statistically true, though I dare to challenge that with the statement: “Perhaps with the exception of walking”).

I have flown lately for more than 4 hours and I found it dreadful.
No leg-space (and I’m not a tall guy…), no elbow-space (and I’m not a pushy person), generic nausea and headache after being in a pressurized cabin for prolonged periods of time, impossible to take a nap unless you have the vertebrae of a snake and ditto neck (hence: none worth mentioning).

Further, I’m not a fan of Christmas.

Really, I’m not a total Grinch, though I simply cannot imagine what’s the fun in the whole X-Mas business: everyone is half-crazy doing last-minute shopping for something that, once received, in the most optimistic of situations will grant you to get laid… once.
And further: dreadful dinners where everyone ends up either drunk or stuffed up to the eyeballs with the most vicious food, knowing that it will take at least 5 days to digest it properly, if ever.
The forced cheerfulness of everyone desperately trying to have a good time, as if your whole inner life depends on it…

Oh please, what a bunch of nonsense!

Therefore, I’m calmly going on, being my usual grumpy self and looking with endurance in the face of adversity laced with a drop of disdainful incredulity upon all the celebrating humanity.

I don’t wish anyone ill, make no mistakes.
On the contrary: I wish the whole world the very best, with peace all around, security and freedom, but I do that the whole year round, not just at Christmas (you hypocrite lot!).

My best idea of “The Holidays” (and here I wholeheartedly include New Year) is to find a few good books and keep reading until after New Year, with just a few interruptions to sleep (and related activities), work (as little as possible) and eat a bite once in a while (without making a big fuss about it).

Not that I’m gloomy, on the contrary: I absolutely and positively enjoy not celebrating Christmas. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

And once in a while, I find something about Christmas that makes me laugh, like the picture below.

I must admit it, without Christmas we couldn’t have such good jokes…


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