hould we be overly critic when we see something on The Net that gives us a “feel-good” feeling?

In average, the Internet public seems to be interested only in depraved, terrifying or – to say the least – moronic web content.

That type of content seems to be responsible for at least 80% of the available Internet visual packages.

We (which in this case is more used as “they” than really “me and the rest”) seem to extract a perverse semblance of well-being from looking at people crashing into each other’s cars, jumping from roofs and missing the aimed swimming pool by a full meter, or getting a steel banister firmly wedged into the family jewels while trying to skateboard on it and all that kind of “Epic Failure” photos and clips.

I don’t understand why anyone should be feeling good by looking at such painful or embarrassing things, unless the surfing crowd – not to be confused with those humans using a board to surf real waves in the real ocean – is composed by sadomasochists, by people with a very low esteem for life, low or nearly non-existent self-respect, with a potential murderer or rapist added here and there to spice up the mix.

That is one of the main reasons – I have a few more – for my rather strong dislike of humanity as a species inhabiting this planet.

Therefore, unless I need to investigate how many morons risk their lives – and not only theirs; that would be the least problem – by trying to do things that any representative of a sentient species would immediately refuse to even contemplate, I try to look at the “feel-good” part of the Web, that almost hidden small section of pictures or video-clips that are there just to give your brain a couple of minutes of well-being.

I’m not talking about puppies and rainbows or fuzzy “my-little-pony-in-La-La-Land” scenes and so on… I’m just talking about things that do not contain any feckless destruction, gratuitous violence or any form of prevarication of one human being upon another.

I already see you thinking: “…And where the frak do I find that!”.

Well, it’s not easy.

But on the other hand, every couple of years I have the pleasure to see a new video by Matt Harding, either on YouTube or on his own website: “Where the hell is Matt“.

What he does is just funny and after looking at his videos, I feel a little bit better and begin to think that there is still a little hope for humanity.

His last one was in 2012 and he’s working on the next (this year out, maybe?).

Visit his website and read what made him start and what kept him going… if that is not enough to give you a few minutes of Internet-induced well-being, then I don’t think there’s any hope for you.

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