E chi non beve con me…


ometimes, life gives us unexpected surprises, good or bad… or both.

A couple of weeks ago I heard that I was going to lose my job because the business was closing the Dutch branch of our organization (details are not important). That was the bad news…

The good news was that I got also hired by my own company at the same time in a different role (from Technology to Operations, which was kind of a logical step up the ladder for some years, though it meant becoming a part of the obnoxious “management” flock, leaving the beloved IT-crowd).

Life is not all black and white and the news had a bittersweet taste.

I love my job in Technology, but at the same time I had grown more and more disillusioned and appalled by the continuous changes of policy towards “quantity above quality”, that was becoming a kind of “look at us how much we saved by moving the business to cheap Countries” run for the cheapest deal.

Good service never comes cheap.

On the other hand, Operations had opened no new positions during the last 5-6 years, and that had to change one day or another.

So now I’ll be in Operations.
New field (not completely, as I have worked quite often with them during the last 5-6 years) with some exciting perspectives and with a good luggage of Technology knowledge, which is never a bad thing.

So I cry for the pals I’ll lose when the office will close, but I celebrate at the same time for the new pals I’ll find and the brand-new premises at only 20 minutes ride from my home (while now I need to travel 1 and 1/2 hour, and back!, each day).

So I’ll celebrate tonight with a good glass of beer (I don’t like champagne, prosecco, wine, whisky, liqueurs and so on) and like the immortal Amedeo Nazzari in the classic (1941) movie La cena delle beffe said: E chi non beve con me… peste lo colga! (free trad: “death to those who will not drink with me!”)


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