Goodbye and Hello


uite a long time since my last post… must have been very busy.

And that has been, actually, exactly the case.

I have been fired one day because the Company decided to move the business and my Team elsewhere and then I have been hired in less than a week by the same Company at a different location into a different Team.

I lost something like 40 colleagues, just like that, but I survived the cuts, did not need to worry about the daily bread and I even got a promotion…
At my age (at the far side of the 50’s) it’s not easy to find a new job just like that (the National stats say there is 98% chance not to), so it is quite understandable why that week I bought 10 lottery tickets.

Not that I won anything… I must have used all my allotted luck in one grand slam with my job situation.

…And I even got so lucky that the new office is 50 km closer to my home. Now I can be at work in less than 20 minutes, mounting my faithful iron steed.

I had seen it coming long, long ago; at least four years and still, when it happened I was actually taken by surprise.

I can clearly remember a kind of liberating falling away of the pressure and the sense of detachment from my job that had accompanied me for the last fifteen years.

After the first minutes (literally) of panic (oh my god, they really did it…), I found back my usual serene self and started to plan the next summer holiday,

That felt really good…

I’m not going to brag about the way I got re-hired by the same Company and the fact that I was never unemployed even after I got officially fired, but I started the intro to the new function while I was still making arrangements to transfer my knowledge package to my successors.

So it has been “Goodbye and Hello” in one sweet sweep.

As soon as that sentence came into my mind, I realized it was the title of a splendid album by Tim Buckley and almost unconsciously I started humming the melody of my favourite track (Phantasmagoria in Two).

The melody echoed in my head for at least three days…

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