‘m not very fond of live content in general, of this inscrutable and apparently uncontrollable need of the masses to be connected 24/7.

Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and the likes have been created for all those people having nothing better to do than telling the world what a great fish’n’chips they are eating, with whom, how richly the booze is flowing (or not) and all that kind of useless information that interests only that part of the human race that has, likewise, nothing constructive to do.

That is mainly the reason why you don’t often see new updates on my FB profile, why I don’t have a Twitter account at all (or, all gods and minor deities forbid, a Snapchat one) and why also the posts on this blog are so rare. On the other hand, I do regularly update the static pages of this Site, the ones dealing with (rock) music.

Updating your online status is not “connecting” you to anyone more than it is getting you laid by the last Miss Universe.

Connecting is about talking to human beings while being in their proximity, see how they respond to what you say, face to face, with the possibility to see their reactions, reach out and actually touch them…

That doesn’t mean that you need to board a plane every time you want to interact with your friend living on the other side of the planet, but nowadays it seems that we care about what we put online more than what we actually learn by interacting at multiple, direct levels with each other.

So try to spend less time online and get out of the bloody door, sit on a park bench, a fence, a low wall, a bar or whatever and start talking to humans, you would be surprised how many real people will “like” you.

Meditate, gente. Meditate…

Google Plus also fixes that pesky bug in Twitter where all the posts are too short.

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