Heat-Wave 3


nd finally we have it! Today it was officially recognized that we are experiencing a heat-wave in the Netherlands.

Not that I’m very pleased about it (I can’t stand temperatures higher than 25-28 C°), but after a series of yearly attempts (see here and here), we finally managed to have one.

I wonder if Mr. Moron (aka President Trump) is still tweeting around that there is no such thing as global warming and that it’s just leftist propaganda.

Who knows, if bullshit is any good against bush fires, then the US could be the only Nation capable of fighting all fires worldwide by sending over just one person.

Back to the Dutch heat-wave, the longest known one took place in 1975 and it lasted 18 days, followed by another taking place in 1976, lasting “only” 17 days.

The present one is hence taking the 6th place so far, having lasted for 12 days, so far.

More likely, this one will eventually break the record. According to the KNMI (the Dutch Meteorological Service), the temperatures will remain above 25 C° for at least the next week. In that case, the heat-wave would have lasted for 19 days and therefore become the new record for the Netherlands.

Not that I’m looking forward to it, actually…

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