Eleganza d’altri tempi


hot at the end of an image-harvesting spree through the old city. Miles and miles wandering the old streets, visiting known and unknown places in search of something that strikes the attention. A detail or a panorama, it is always unknown what will trigger the eye or the mind.

After a whole day, tired and not very satisfied of the results, I sought a bit of comfort in the old Grand Café Gambrinus for a good cup of coffee and a Sfogliatella riccia (one of the very few sweets I eat).

The camera lied on the table, out of its case and ready to shoot, something that I would have normally never done.

We’re talking here about an analogue camera, where you had to trigger it before you shot by using the film advance lever, which would in turn prime the shutter curtain(s) and move the next frame of the film into position. Therefore it was good habit never to leave it triggered for a long period of time, to prevent the springs to overstretch.

Maybe this had happened because the day’s disappointing results had thrown me off balance. I don’t know. I can only remember that I felt rather low-key and had to give myself a good reason for having gone outdoor that morning.

Caffè & Sfogliatella riccia at Gambrinus were good reason enough.

The waiter had just brought my order, but because the camera lied exactly on the place he would have put the cup and saucer, he hesitated. While moving the camera aside, I must have inadvertently pushed the shutter button.

The resulting image summarizes the relief and comfort found in that elegant place suspended in another time.

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