Heat-wave 2


nd so the Dutch failed to get their oh so dreamed of heat-wave…

Gone all the media attention, gone the emergency plans, gone sunbathers and sun lovers, gone the “hittegolf-hype”. So, now we can sit back, relax and enjoy a normal and pleasant weather with some fresher and some warmer days, like it should be the case between the end of August and September.

Ideal weather for a long and sweet motorbike tour.

Was it a close call?

Well.. actually it was. By just one day.

The Dutch Heat-wave
Day Max. Temp. (°C)
Aug.22 22.7
Aug.23 26.9
Aug.24 30.2
Aug.25 31.1
Aug.26 26.2
Aug.27 26.5
Aug.28 24.6

Between August 23rd and 27th we could have had a heat-wave, was it not that only during two days the temperature went to 30°C or higher, instead of the required three.

Ah well, a missed chance… Next year better (yeah, right).

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