Color is an opinion #3


e can reduce colors to hexadecimal values for our convenience, but the magic happens when we leave them free.

Color is an opinion #3

A new day's here
Pink is beautiful
Fading into oblivion
Fairy-tale landscape
Silent street
Il guerriero alato
Windmill on rooftops
Ghosts #5
The silent street
Design monolith
Fields of gold
Brilliant red
Sky borders
La Finca
Flying at the beach
Passing by the rainbow
The whitest shade of pale
The green church
We do not exist
Traum und Wirklichkeit
Suspended on a blue floor
The roof
Shadow of the past
Green Black & Brown
The golden hour
Ble Red & Green
Moorish wall
Deep blue
Eternal steeplechase
Big pots, small flowers
Gämse mit Tänzern
Terracotta & Green
Nowhere to go
Kermit was here
The blessed bridge
Lost in thoughts
Shadows of the past
Into the blue

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