The Light Project #1


ight’s behaviour can be scientifically predicted, but it kind of loses its magic…

The Light Project #1

Dreaming in the woods
The giant
A Sunday morning in February
Endless sky
Simmetria autunnale
A matter of focus
Frozen in time
After the storm
Under the blue sea
A Cole Porter favorite (I love Paris)
Heaven is just behind the window
A ray of sun inside
The green lance
Am Ziel #2
Lili Marlén
Il risveglio
Electric jellyfish
Red bench
The other side
The remains of the day #5
Atteindre les nuages
Stairs #3
Musician in stone
The night knight
Mounting storm
You can never hold back spring
The remains of the day #4
Fade into blue #2
Vegetal landscape
Stairs #6
Les nuages

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