The F… word


‘m a rather liberal user of the F… word, in contrast to the use of blasphemy.

I’m inclined to consider myself an agnostic, so why would I curse something I can’t prove or disprove to exist (and if it exists why would it/he/she bother to interact with us…)?

On the other hand, I believe in human interactions, and being the F… word the perfect example of the most intimate human interaction, I feel its use can be accepted or at least tolerated when used with parsimony and a bit of class.

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 long silence, awaiting the spring…
I may turn deaf and mute, as the spring is not yet here.
Not here, not now…
Just long rainy days getting longer and longer.

Hymn to the worst spring in Central Europe of the last 17 years.

Blogging about blogs


eah, I know, the title doesn’t make much sense…
Nevertheless, today I have introduced my wife to the mysteries of blogging; I actually set up a new blog for her (a WordPress© one, of course).

Her official web-site (she’s a registered Hypnotherapist) had become too static for her career development and she was seeking a way to increase the interchange of ideas, “tips & tricks” and so on with her patients/clients.

That was when I suggested her to use a more dynamic website type, annex blog.

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A true Christmas story


any of you might know already that the Christmas Tree-decorating humanity can be divided into two major factions: the “Star on Top” and the “Angel on Top”.

There is a small minority still clinging on to the idea of putting a “Pointy Thingy on Top” but the mere idea is so ridiculous that this faction is destined to disappear very soon.

I am a fervent supporter (in more than one aspect) of the “Angel on Top” solution.

And you will become one yourself, after you’ve read the true story with which it all started…

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There’s still hope


hat a dreary day.
It doesn’t rain: it pours.

…Nice spring so far.

And work is also a mess, boring, completely unorganized and absolutely dreadful at the moment.

But hey, wait a second…!

I might be the victim of a slight temporary lapse of reason…

It’s not me… it’s not the job…



Now I don’t feel depressed anymore…

Bobotie. A culinary experiment


ell, here we go, for the first time, blogging about cuisine, cooking and eating (which is the only logical consequence of cooking, isn’t it?).

I’m not a great chef.
…Well, I’m not even a real chef.

Nevertheless, I enjoy cooking and most of all I like trying new food, anything that I’ve not yet eaten, other countries’ traditional dishes… you name it.

My cooking motto is “keep it simple”, which is not a philosophical statement, but it’s literally “keep it simple” as in: “Keep it simple, before you mess it up completely”
… Capisce? (say that in heavy Brooklyn-ese accent).

Bobotie is essentially a South-African dish of spicy minced meat with bread, fruit and eggs, which is likely to have come from the times of the Dutch East India Company (better known as V.O.C., or Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie).

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Spicy Sweet & Sour Casserole


have no idea what this dish is actually called, so I like to use the non-descriptive and open to interpretation name in the title.

I have a particular predilection for spicy food, while the sweet/sour combination is not one that I have been very familiar with from my early (cooking) life.

On the other hand, I have learned to appreciate all sorts of flavours and also never to say “I don’t like that” before having actually tried it; therefore, please keep an open mind, try the Casserole and if you don’t like it… well, then never cook it again in your entire life.

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