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n retrospective, it is rather difficult to pinpoint the precise moment when a particular state of mind begins and in most cases, it’s practically impossible or at least very difficult to say what exactly triggered it.

Personally, I find music a kind of instant slingshot for my states of mind.

Music also played a key role in those years when a boy became a young man, on his way to adulthood.

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This is for us to share


‘m listening to a very old LP of mine (yes, LP as in: “good old immortal vinyl”): Extrapolation, by John McLaughlin.

What a wonderful music and what a performers:

    • John McLaughlin – guitar
    • Brian Odgers – bass
    • Tony Oxley – drums
    • John Surman – baritone and soprano saxophones

This was recorded before McLaughlin formed the Mahavishnu Orchestra; we’re talking begin 1969.

It’s a joy to hear that the music is still fresh and perfectly enjoyable after almost 50 years!
Kudos to McLaughlin for being such a wonderful composer and performer (he still is).

Enjoy this little pearl from a wonderful record on YouTube


“Watashi o matte kudasai”


f your browser is unable to display the original Japanese characters, here is a picture of the text:


The above translates into something like “Please wait for me”, though I was told by a Japanese friend of mine, that it is not just “Matte Kudasai”, like I thought.

He tried to explain to me all the subtleties of the “Please” form in the Japanese language and culture, which of course I could not entirely follow, being myself just a rude European.
I only remember that he could mention at least 8 different ways to say “Please”, depending on who asks whom, in which situation, what is the general context of the request, and so on…

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