Michelangelo’s David-Apollo and a funny news-spoof.


saw a nice news-spoof on the net, and though it was not entirely correct, I still think it was really funny…

“After a two years loan to the National Gallery of Art in the United states, Michelangelo’s “David-Apollo” is heading back to Italy”.

This is, at least in title,  the  true story, not the spoof one…

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Easter Sunday and Microsoft Updates


oday I was going to write about Easter and how much I do not celebrate it, but then I sat at my wife’s new laptop (which was the result of the struggle described here) and the inglorious bastard (running Windows 8.1, hence the affectionate description) started to moan about updates.

OK, ok. Updates are something you cannot do without (if you are using Windows), so in this vastly imperfect world of Microsoft, you have to spend most of your time either fixing a problem or downloading something that will fix another one that you haven’t had yet encountered (but wait… this new update will actually mess up something else so that you eventually will have a new problem at some point or another).


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t must have occurred to you that dear old Microsoft (aka “The digital vampire”) will suspend the support for XP on April 8th.

Not because XP is a bad OS, no. They do this just because they don’t sell enough tablets and netbooks running that sorry excuse for an OS called Windows 8.

Well, W8 is an abortion of an OS and as such should be relegated to the curiosity cabinets of digital mishaps.

But hey: the average user cannot live without Microsoft (or they would immediately move over to any user-friendly Linux distribution, like Ubuntu or Mint), so what MS does is to push W8 on every new machine sold anywhere, while Windows 7 would do just the same work (better, actually) at the same speed and with a less steep learning curve.

But that is not the point here.
Whether you like W8 or not, if you’re buying a new Laptop you will have to use it.
No discussion possible.

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