cronyms… What would the average John Nerd do without them?

For those who have no idea what the word “acronym” means, here’s what we’re going to talk about:

A word (as NATO, radar, or laser) which is formed from the initial letter (or letters) of each of the successive parts (or major parts) of a compound term.

Even some very common words that we daily see and use are in fact not real words, but acronyms.

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It’s Coming!


his morning, a little after 06.30, I was walking to take the car out of the garage and drive to my work when I suddenly heard the first Blackbird singing.

The moon was full and bright, the sky alight with its incredibly strong reflection.

The air was crisp (1°C, at roughly 52.3667° N, 4.9000° E) and the silence complete, while this Blackbird was whistling his first song of the season.

The phrases were incomplete, but whistled with conviction, so I immediately knew: spring is coming!