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‘m not terribly addicted to (digital) photography as much as I am to music.

If music can be described as a chronic pathological condition within the finite parameters of my existence, then photography should be viewed as a benign form of nose-cold.

Nonetheless, I have made and cataloged something like 4000+ images during the years.

That whopping 4000+ figure refers only to the dia-films (if you don’t know what that is, then you are probably too young to make any sense of any explanation I may try to provide).

And that figure doesn’t even take into account those five large ledgers full of B&W negatives, either (same here: if you don’t know what ‘negatives’ are, then just accept the fact that it has nothing to do with a bad attitude towards life in general, or digital photography in particular).

To all the above, add something like 1.5 Terabytes of digital images (Yaay! Finally a word you know…) and you’ll have a pretty accurate overview of my images collection.

…And don’t worry, you won’t find them all here.

However, since I have what I call a “visual obsession”, I often use images to describe a particular state of mind.

It’s something similar (though generally less strong) to what music does for me. You can see what I mean by reading the Nostalgia post.

And like music, this ‘visual obsession’ can trigger a state of mind just by looking at a scene, or a colour, or a detail, or the light-fall, which in turn can connect to a particular musical piece, or memory and back to a different state of mind and so on…

Should I be classified as crazy or at least ‘peculiar’ because of this?
I don’t think so. People that aren’t crazy about a thing or two in life should not be considered as fully functional human beings, but just simulacra of something vaguely mimicking a human life-form.

Definitely, I’m not talking about clinical craziness. I’m talking about passion, vision, transcendence, insight and other vulgar – but not less important – things like pleasure for the sake of it (yeah, what’s wrong with that?).

Since I’m not a member of any “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”, I still need to make amends for any suspicion of grandeur that may hit you right in the face while reading this or anything else I write, or while looking at my images, while I try to convince you that they are exceptional.

Because they are exceptional.
At least they are to me, though I’m not better than the average amateur photographer.

Au contraire, I’m just like millions of other people: we all have our special identities, we all have our dreams and ideals, we love some more than others, and we all wander among what is considered the silent human “mass”.

All the images shown in the Galleries are part of my private collection and are covered by copyright and fall under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence.

If you want to use them in any other way than that described by the Creative Commons licence mentioned above, it will be at your own risk (because I’d just love to sue you. Now you know, so you cannot feign ignorance when I catch you…).

Some of the photo’s have already been published in a couple of books, some others found their way to obscure scientific magazines, some more can be found on the amateur photographer’s website TrekEarth.

Use the “Photo Galleries” menu to browse the existing galleries.


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