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Years ago (a lot of them, actually), I was fooling around with the idea of writing a book.

At one point, I stopped fooling around and started writing.

However, after a few chapters I realized that it had progressed into anything except a book.  I mean a  real book, or at least what I though a real book would have to look like.

I tend to change my mind, digress, change subject, be obnoxiously precise or just irritatingly vague, lose the line of my own thoughts before even getting to the point and so on.

Mind you, this was in the era of the pencil & typewriter.
Therefore the word “editing” was equal to “write it all over”, on new paper of course, or re-type it once again on new paper  and so on…

Because I realized that my “book” looked nothing like a real one, I left it for what it was and went further living my writing-deprived life in peace and contentment.

Years later, when computers had become common (correct deduction: I have reached a certain degree of wisdom that comes with walking long enough on this planet…), I realized that I had been writing a blog all along, though I had diligently done that using my trusted HB pencil with eraser top and my good old A4 scratch-pad, but then without the images, media, styles or the glitter and glamour of HTML.

After this epiphany, I kept going on with my book-less and blog-less life without any remorse; this was mainly because I didn’t want to spend hours and hours to learn how a blog should be installed, or managed, what “php” or “(My)SQL” was or any of the more complex stuff related to it.

By the way, this is what we all thought a “php” was, back then in the 70’s (for those of you old enough to remember the 70’s):
PHP = Pot Head Pixie, like those populating the epic Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy as it was sung by Daevid Allen’s Gong.

The 70’s version of PHP. At the time better known as Pot Head Pixie

Mind you, I’m not totally deprived of any technical knowledge, since I have worked as a Senior Level2 Engineer and Software Specialist at a Multinational during 15 years… it’s just that I never took the time to really dive into the web-based part of technology.

What has changed since then?

The writing itch started again…

To make a long story short: I have finally decided to add a combined Static Site / Dynamic Blog to the collection of websites I have already created for myself (as well as for other people).

And since my line of thinking is (only apparently) slightly unstructured, what a better form than that of a Blog?

What can you expect to find on this Blog:

    • Nothing really serious
    • Some quite serious stuff
    • (A lot of) Commentaries about Music
    • Maybe a cooking recipe here and there
    • Old movies
    • Personal thoughts
    • Photographs
    • Whatnot

Just to cite the great Robert Browning:
“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be…”

But in the meantime:

Have fun! (*)

(*) It’s the only thing that keeps us from dying too early…

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